Now Is The Best Time to Dump Your Cable Box

So you've been on the edge about getting rid of your traditional cable service. You're sick of terrible interfaces, rental fees and tons of channels you don't watch. Well there's never been a better time to get rid of your cable box then now. You might be able to save some money along the way as well.

The Best Cloud Storage Service for iOS and macOS

Cloud storage is a necessary evil these days if you're using multiple devices. For iOS, it's crucial as there is no standard file system for the OS. If you're saving, sharing or even editing files on iOS, your choice becomes even more important. In the past year or so I've used all of these. I'll breakdown which ones are best when using multiple iOS and macOS devices.

Save Money Doing Nothing #ClickBait

Ok so I'm not going to turn you into a millionaire but here's a few ways you can save a couple bucks by doing extremely minimal work. Many of these take time to actually add up to anything but so don't quit your day job quite yet.

iOS Essentials

There's always a certain temptation I have to switch to an Android device as my main phone. There's so many options that are less expensive than iPhones and there's the whole customization thing. Every time I think about switching, there are always certain apps that keep me on iOS. Here's the apps you can only find on iOS and I can't live without.

iPad Pro Review

For my last review on the Apple TV (4th Generation I did something out of the ordinary for me. I wrote the entire review using my iPad Air and a Kanex Bluetooth Keyboard. My iPad was primarily a consumption device. I would mainly use it to catch up on news, watch videos and play the occasional game. With the release of iOS 9, I began taking advantage of some of the new multitasking features. Slide-over made it extremely easy to look up information while writing the article and the new keyboard shortcuts, especially "command+tabbing" between apps, was a fantastic new addition. By the time I was finished I realized I actually enjoyed writing the article on my iPad. This sparked my interest in upgrading. I'm now the proud owner of an iPad Pro.

Apple TV (4th Generation) Review

Apple TV has become an essential part of my living room ever since I purchased the the second generation of the device in 2010. I never upgraded to the third generation since the only improvements were a bump to 1080p from 720p and increased processing speed. I told myself I would skip that generation and wait for next one like many of us do. Little did I know I would have to wait 5 years to get my hands on a new Apple TV. Towards the end of the Apple TV 2's life, I began to experience weird glitches, endless buffering and the way too often random restart. When the newest Apple TV was announced I knew I would be there on day one.

iPad 2 Speed Test - iOS 9 vs. iOS 8

I have an old iPad 2 that's mounted to the wall in my kitchen. It's paired with a Bose Soundlink Mini and I mainly use it to listen to podcasts, watch Netflix or listen to music while cooking. This iPad actually gets more use than my iPad Air these days. There's been a lot of talk on how iOS 9 has improved performance on older devices. So I wanted to run a quick test of launching some apps to see if that was true. Take a look to see the results.

Apple Music Review

After using Apple Music for almost a month now, I feel comfortable giving my full review on the streaming service. While far from perfect, Apple's intro to the streaming music world does have some bright spots but also feels far behind some of the competition. I've used other streaming like Spotify and Rdio so lets see how Apple Music stacks up against these services.

Is Apple Music what we've been waiting for?

As a tech enthusiast and person who makes their living in music, Apple's latest offering has been a long time coming. While never first out of the gate, Apple has always made an impact on any category it decides to enter. Music is nothing new to Apple, they flipped the industry upside down with iTunes and the iPod and are looking to make the same impact with its streaming option. The question is, is this new venture into streaming enough to make people change their listening habits or service?

Apple Watch

I like many others was on the fence about whether or not I needed an Apple Watch in my life. I've been wanting a fitness tracker for some time so getting an Apple branded wearable seemed obvious. Everything else that came along with the watch was an extra added benefit for me.

Why I won't be buying the New Nintendo 3DS

I'll start by saying, I'm a big Nintendo fan. I'm always an early adopter but I cannot justify the purchase of a New Nintendo 3DS. While I would love the additional CPU power and face tracking 3D, these features will not have me ordering Nintendo's latest handheld. I wouldn't single out just one these as the deciding factor but collectively they are causing me not to upgrade. Here are my biggest gripes.

Envisioning Nintendo's next generation handheld

It's pretty simple. I want the next generation Nintendo handheld to be the Wii U. No, I don't want to be walking around with a GamePad and console strapped to my back. I want whatever the next "thing" is, to be able to play all Wii U games and the current eShop to be the definitive way to purchase games.

Breaking down 2015 Macbook Air rumors

As a Macbook Air user, I'm extremely excited about what the future will hold for Apple's most popular laptop. I wanted to talk about some of the rumors and how it may impact actual usage for many people. As a warning, these are just rumors and I have no idea if any of these features will actually see the light of day.