What we want to see from Apple in 2015

The iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) we're obviously the hit of 2014. With improvements to iOS and OS X getting a facelift with Yosemite, Apple fans once again lined up in front of stores to throw money at anything with shiny apple on it. While 2014 looked like another great year fro Tim Cook's Apple, here's what we'd like to see in 2015.

1. Please fix my TV!

I still have the 720p version of the 2nd generation Apple TV. I've seen no reason to upgrade to the 3rd generation model released all the way back in in 2012. There has to be a better way to consume TV in 2015. HBO will be offering their app without the need of a cable subscription and Netflix/Amazon are releasing amazing exclusives. 2015 seems like the perfect time for Apple to strike. Here's to hoping Apple has something up their sleeve.

2. The next generation of Macbook Air


I say this every time I get a new Mac but my 2012 Macbook Air is the best computer I have owned. I use it for everything from emails, to audio editing, to video editing. It works like a charm. It's definitely not the fastest computer in the world but the portability and the ability to plug it in to my Thunderbolt Display and use it as desktop is remarkable. I'm not asking for a complete redesign but a retina display, processor upgrade and Touch ID would have me lining up at 3 AM at some mall to get my hands on the next generation of Macbook Air.

3. Automate my life

I've always wanted to automate everything in my home. Unlock the door when I pull into the driveway, turn on the lights when I walk into a room, feed my dog, well the last one may be a stretch but you get what I'm trying to say. It's been so difficult to buy into anything. When Apple announced HomeKit at WWDC 2014, I though this would be my chance to get into the automation game. We haven't seen much in 2014 but hopefully device makers and developers will put this API to good use in 2015.