Tech and Sports

It's a few hours before the Patriots play Ravens in the second round of the 2014-2015 NFL playoffs. I was thinking to myself that watching a sporting event in 2015 is much different than watching it even a few years ago.

Typically when getting ready for a game, I open up my preferred Twitter app, in this case it's Tweetbot 3, and pull up my "Sports" Twitter list. I want to know what every ex-player, radio personality and even The Iron Sheik has to say up the upcoming event. I keep this list open throughout the duration of the game. Although I'm listening to whoever is commentating this nationally broadcasted event, what I really want to know is what are people saying on Twitter. After every big play, I'm instantly checking to see what everyone has to say on Twitter about it. 

Now in the past, much of the local commentating was done by your friend or crazy uncle who naturally thought whatever opinion they have on the last play was some expert analysis. Now for many people that is still there. Getting older these events are more infrequent and for me, Twitter has taken the place of a room full dudes freaking out.

Some people may have problem with this. Once again, the internet is ruining human interaction. At the same time it's creating new ones that were not possible. As far as the negative or positive effect it has, every person will have a different opinion. For me, I'm cool with it.