Envisioning Nintendo's next generation handheld

It's pretty simple. I want the next generation Nintendo handheld to be the Wii U. No, I don't want to be walking around with a GamePad and console strapped to my back. I want whatever the next "thing" is, to be able to play all Wii U games and the current eShop to be the definitive way to purchase games.

I want the next handheld to be the GamePad. A smaller, lighter and more compact version of course. The GamePad would be the console and if you wanted to play on your television, you would purchase the additional HDMI dongle to do so. There wold be no optical drive. You would have the option of 64 GB, 128 GB, or 256 GB internal storage when purchasing your device. Extra controllers would connect with the GamePad via bluetooth and when not on the go, it would sit in the cradle charging while you play on the big screen.

Now this might sound like a pipe dream but this seems like the perfect way to unify Nintendo handhelds and consoles. I've been purchasing all my games digitally for the past year and it's no doubt my preferred purchasing method now. I spend the majority of my time using the off TV play feature even though my 46" 1080p television is available for use. It's tough to explain why I prefer to play this way but I just do. I'm not a hardware engineer but we can't be far off from this reality.

I love my 3DS but playing games on my gamepad is much more enjoyable and I'd love to be able to bring that on the go. The New 3DS XL seems like a stop gap before the next generation handheld and I'm not sold on it. To be quite honest, if they said 3D view was no more, I wouldn't lose any sleep. It does enhance some elements of games like Super Mario 3D Land and A Link Between World but I'd take better graphics any day of the week.

I'm not asking for some radical new thing. I basically just want the Wii U gamepad to be portable and have access to everything on the Wii U eShop. This would also solve the whole cross buy issue and buying virtual console titles multiple times.