Why I won't be buying the New Nintendo 3DS

I'll start by saying, I'm a big Nintendo fan. I'm always an early adopter but I cannot justify the purchase of a New Nintendo 3DS. While I would love the additional CPU power and face tracking 3D, these features will not have me ordering Nintendo's latest handheld. I wouldn't single out just one these as the deciding factor but collectively they are causing me not to upgrade. Here are my biggest gripes.

1. No charger! Are you kidding me?

Let me tell you some tech related items that come with chargers. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, wireless bluetooth speakers are just some items that normally come with chargers. You'll notice I did not include the New Nintendo 3DS. That is because it does not include one. 

2. I have to use a screwdriver

The last time I used a #0 screwdriver on a piece of technology, I was installing more RAM on my 2007 iMac. The fact that you need to literally unscrew the back to access the SD card slot that was easily accessible on the the 3DS XL, is unacceptable. This is just bad hardware design. There's nothing that can convince me that this is a better way to access the SD card slot. Speaking of SD cards...

3. It now uses micro SD cards

Let me first say, I think it's great that Nintendo does not use a proprietary SD card slot like the Playstation Vita. I just don't see the advantage of using a micro SD card slot instead of a standard SD card. They could have made the transfer process so much easier just by doing a the system transfer and inserting your old SD card into the new system. 

4. Still no account system

The system transfer is one of the biggest reasons I will not be upgrading. It would be great just to log in and download my games at will. I wouldn't expect Nintendo to release a new account system with the release of upgraded hardware but it would make everyone's life a little easier and wouldn't that help sell more systems if transferring your info was easier?