iOS Essentials

iOS Essentials

There's always a certain temptation I have to switch to an Android device as my main phone. There's so many options that are less expensive than iPhones and there's the whole customization thing. Every time I think about switching, there are always certain apps that keep me on iOS. Here's the apps you can only find on iOS and I can't live without.


This app is definitely number one on my list. My entire life is kept on schedule with OmniFocus now. There's tons of todo apps available for Android but nothing can quite compare to what Omnifocus can do. It's a bit confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, you won't know how you completed anything without it.

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I'm using Drafts right now to type this article. It's my go to app whenever I have to write a good amount of text. Emails, blog posts, notes, and iMessages are just a few things I use it for. Its clean and minimal look is a great, distraction free way of getting your thoughts out.

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I was a Downcast user for quite some time but the Mac app had some sync issues for me so I gave Overcast a shot. Its "Smart Speed" and "Voice Boost" effects are now essential when I'm listening to podcasts. Another great feature is the "Recommendations From Twitter" section. Just hit the recommend button on any episode and people that follow you on Twitter and use the Overcast app will see it. I find a lot new podcasts this way.

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For me, Tweetbot is Twitter. It's the way it should look and feel. I've never liked the official app. Yes, there are things you get from using the official Twitter app over Tweetbot. Not enough for me to use it. Tweetbot keeps the timeline intact like it was originally. There's no "In Case You Missed It" or ads which in my mind is a good thing. Just everything in order like it should be. Also, switching between accounts is much easier.

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Apple News

I feel like this app gets overlooked and a lot of hate. I re-evaluated my news reading habits and found I was getting a lot of the same store since multiple sites were posting the same things in my RSS feed. I gave Apple News a shot and found I really enjoyed it. The "For You" section takes some time to learn what you like but after a while it really does a great job of finding articles. The interface is better than any RSS reading app I've ever used. The magazine style articles look fantastic and Apple's latest design language really looks great in Apple News.

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