Save Money Doing Nothing #ClickBait

Save Money Doing Nothing #ClickBait

Ok so I'm not going to turn you into a millionaire but here's a few ways you can save a couple bucks by doing extremely minimal work. Many of these take time to actually add up to anything so don't quit your day job quite yet.

Buy Discounted iTunes Gift Cards

If you ever buy, rent or subscribe to anything from Apple, you'll definitely want to take advantage of this. You can buy discounted iTunes gift cards all the time. I follow @itunescarddeals to find out about the latest deals.

Don't Buy New Products Right Away

If you can hold off for a little bit, never buy new products the day they are released. Most of the time you'll see deals on these items in as little as a month after they are released.

Check For Amazon Warehouse Deals

If you're ever buying anything on Amazon, always check for their warehouse deals. Most of the time these are items that were opened and returned but you can save some serious cash when opting for the warehouse deal. Just look at the other buying options on a product and you'll likely see a warehouse deal for it. Recently, I picked up an HDHomeRun CONNECT via a warehouse deal and it came in just like new.

Use Bing As Your Search Engine

This might not work for everyone. I was skeptical at first but I decided to give it a shot. First thing you want to do is sign up for a Microsoft account and make sure you're signed in on all your devices. You can change your default search engine to Bing. From there, you'll earn points for every search you do. You can redeem those points for gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, Gamestop and more.

Set Up Price Alerts

There's some great apps and browser extensions that will alert you when something goes on sale on Amazon. On the desktop I use and on iOS there's PriceRadar.

Buy Refurbished or Open Box

Apple has a fantastic refurbished section almost hidden on their site. Stock is always changing so if you're looking for a certain model, sign up for an alert at You can literally save hundreds of dollars buying a refurbished item and it comes with the same warranty as a new item. You can even add Apple Care. When buying new, Apple has a great return policy. Lots of times these items were bought and returned within the same month. Also, Apple tests and replaces the battery on anything returned to them so no need to worry about getting bad item.

If you shop at Best Buy, always look for the "Open Box" option on the item. Best Buy claims all open box items have a passed a certification process and comes with all its original parts.

These are just a few ways to save some money. I would love to hear some of yours so post in them in the comments.

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