I Don't Feel The Need To Upgrade My Hardware

Is it me or is the need to upgrade dwindling as the years go by? Are computers fast enough? Do phones the majority of what we want now? That's what it feels like. As the years go by the less I feel the need to upgrade my devices.

My 2012 MacBook Air works fine. It would be nice to have a fancy new screen but it gets the job done and runs the latest OS. My iPhone 6 is chugging along. It feels slow at times but it works for what I need. The device I use the most is my 12.9" iPad Pro . If that gets a nice update I'll consider getting the new version of that.

Have computers, phones and tablets hit a wall? They're all fast enough now. Voice and VR / AR seem to be the most interesting things happening now in consumer tech. With voice we're really replacing what a computer can do with a voice assistant. Nothing too revolutionary but more convenient. VR and AR have much more interesting possibilities but goofy headsets and underpowered computers seem to be holding that technology back. Until there's a more elegant and affordable option for VR and AR, we won't see that tech hit the mainstream for a while. Yes I know video games consoles like the Playstation 4 have the ability to do VR but it’s still a small segment of the population.

Consumer technology seems a bit boring right now. It might be just me but upgrading my devices seems more like a headache than a euphoric experience. CPU jumps are getting smaller or non-existent each year and with 4K, 5k and 8k, how much better can things look?

All the exciting things are happening in software. As more and more applications move to mobile devices, they seem to get better. Developers creating apps for iOS and Android have a different approach than traditional computer software. Not only are they taking the the experience and moving it to mobile devices but they're making it more enjoyable. Email, web browsing, social media and photo editing are arguably more enjoyable on our mobile devices now. We'll most likely see other areas follow that trend.

I don't want to say there's nothing interesting happening in technology anymore but as far as hardware goes it seems to be happening less often.