A Few Things Apple Could Have Done To Make New MacBook Pro Buyers Happy

Apple's latest MacBook Pro has got some mixed reviews so far. Time will tell whether this in an overreaction or an underwhelming release in the Mac's history. Personally, I'm not disappointed but I feel Apple could have done a few more things to justify the price increase and make customers happier.

Bundle Pro Software

I remember buying my first Mac. It was an entry level 12” iBook G4 . One of the most exciting aspects of buying that laptop was having the opportunity to use all the included iLife applications like iMove, GarageBand, iDVD and iWeb. While I knew very little about these applications, I did know the creative opportunities I would have with them. I would always watch Apple Keynotes demonstrating all the seemingly impossible things you could create. I think the latest Macbook Pro has lost that intrigue to create.

While Apple has discontinued many of its first party software, this redesign of the 2016 MacBook Pro would have been the perfect time to bundle Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro X. I would have to assume that many people buying a new MacBook Pro would have some interest in either or both of these pieces of software. Even if they didn't, it would be a perceived incentive for someone to buy a MacBook Pro over a MacBook or MacBook Air . It would also be a reassurance to users of both these applications that Apple intends to keep developing them.

Include a Dongle

While the removal of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 made all the headlines in the fall, Apple did not take away the option of using your favorite pair of headphones; they included an adapter. Much of the disappointment could have been avoided if Apple included one adapter that went USB C to USB A, mini display port and had an SD card slot. There are many USB C docks that do this now. If Apple were to include a small and sleek adapter that had just these 3 options, there would be many happier MacBook Pro buyers out there. While you can purchase all of these separately, it's a lot to ask of a customer to not only pay more than for a MacBook Pro but also buy new accessories or buy adapters for all your current ones.

Release the "SE" version of the old MacBook Pro

You want the "old" MacBook Pro with all the onboard I/O and some new internals, you'll want the MacBook Pro SE. Apple did this to appease the group of people wanting a 4 inch iPhone with all the new specs and it seemed to be a successful move. Apple could have bumped the specs on the previous MacBook Pro models with the newer Intel chips and faster SSD but kept everything else the same. The 2016 MacBook Pro would look more like a glimpse of the computer of the future rather than a computer that took away all my ports.

You may have noticed that I didn't mention anything about adding more ports or giving options for more RAM to the 2016 MacBook Pro . I think in general this laptop is a great redesign and will be more than enough for the majority of MacBook Pro users. It’s the things Apple did surrounding the MacBook Pro ’s release that could have been better and not feel like they are forcing the future on us.