Here's What We Need in the Next Version of iOS for iPad

In September Apple released iOS 10 for iPad and iPhone. While both devices received the update, it was apparent that this version was geared more towards iPhone and iPad was brought along for the ride. While iPad Pro has been one of my favorite Apple Devices in recent memory, there's some huge holes that need to be updated and fixed in the next version.

Fix Multitasking

Multitasking on iPad was a huge step forward for iOS. No more needing to close one app screen and move to the other. You're finally able to have 2 apps open at once but that came with some problems. When you have lots of apps with the ability to multitask, scrolling through this endless stream of apps to find the one you want is crazy. There should be a some intelligence built into this. The simple answer is have some sort of spotlight search in the multitasking window but I think you can go further with this. There’s only a handful of apps that I often use in multitasking. Why not suggest apps that you most often use in multitasking?

More Keyboard Shortcuts

With the addition of keyboard shortcuts in iOS, I found myself reaching for the screen less and less. Being able to switch apps, get the home screen and bring up spotlight right from the keyboard has improved my workflow on iPad over the years. Now we need more. A multitasking shortcut along with more ways to selecting and editing text would be a welcomed edition to the next version of iOS.

Pencil Gestures

iOS has the ability to know when I'm using a finger vs. when I'm using the Apple Pencil. It would be great to have a set of gestures just for the Pencil. For example, in the Notes app having a completely blank canvas to work with and instead of bringing up control center when swiping up from the bottom, the Apple Pencil could bring up a pallet of options for it. Also, an easier way to erase would be fantastic.