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When I reviewed Apple Music almost 2 years ago in 2015 I was a die-hard Spotify user. While Apple Music had some upsides, Spotify was by far the leader in streaming music. With the announce of HomePod at WWDC and Spotify's latest update to their iPad app, I thought it would be a good time to give Apple Music another shot.

First off, I'm a heavy iPad Pro user. Much of my day is spent in split view and the fact the Spotify app has yet to support it has been frustrating. In fact, the Spotify app has actually managed to get worse. There is a significant amount of wasted real estate since the app can only be viewed in full screen. Apple Music is much more visually appealing now.

I noticed when I started using Apple Music I had the urge to begin building a music collection again. In Spotify, I'm mainly searching and streaming the music I want to listen to. In Apple Music, I'm adding albums to my collection and building it like I used to in my iTunes days. Spotify has the same feature but Apple Music's "Add" button sticks out a bit more. You'll also find a "+" button next to each track to easily add it to your collection.

You cannot underestimate the value of convenience with Siri integration. Apple Music is the only streaming service at the moment that allows you to ask Siri to play an artist, song or album. You can even go as far as saying "Play the new [insert band name] album" and Siri will find the latest release from that particular artist. I'm pretty forgetful when it comes to album and track names so this feature is fantastic.

My initial review praised Apple Music's recommendation engine in the "For You" section. They've continued to improve on this section throughout the years. Playlist and album recommendations have been spot on. I've already discovered new music that has been curated to me and reminded of albums to listen to. You can really tell if recommendations are working based on how much music you're listening to throughout the day. I've mentioned this before but need to reiterate, the curated playlist from Apple Music are top notch. They really seem to "get" what people want to listen to.

Small conveniences of Apple Music have had a huge impact on my listening habits. Using Apple Music in split screen on iPad and being able to ask Siri to play an album was something I've been missing when using Spotify. Both services offer much of the same content but Apple Music has some deep integrations within iOS that makes using the service extremely pleasing.