Ulysses Thoughts

The writing app Ulysses has been making headlines lately with their move to a subscription business model. Just a quick thought on subscriptions. I've never had an issue when companies do this. For the most part, if you use a certain app enough, subscriptions benefit both users and companies. Yes, you're probably spending more money at the end of the day but for sustainability it's the right move in 2017.

With all this Ulysses talk, I decided to give the app a try. For the longest time I thought the app was too much for what I wanted to do. I've been using IA Writer for quite some time now and have been generally happy. The only thing I did not like was how it organized my files. Right off the bat Ulysses solved this issue with all the content of a sheet including images, notes and keywords being stored in one file. I love the fact that I'm able to assign icons to each group and sort however I would like. Little details like this really help me stay organized.

I'm mainly using the app to create blog posts and it has replaced some of text creation I would previously do in TextEdit or Apple Notes. I've also been using Ulysses to store code that I may re-use when creating different websites. The app itself feels like it's too much for what I actually need but I've really enjoyed using it so far. The clean design and how it handles markdown really puts writing first.

My trial is just about up as I write this post and more than likely I'll subscribe to the app. There's actually a couple ways to pay for the subscription. You can subscribe directly through the app and pay either $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year. People who have bought Ulysses get a discount on the subscription. You can also get the app with a Setapp subscription which includes access to the iOS version.