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Marques Brownlee AKA MKBHD recently posted a video entitled "The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2018" in which he polled his followers on Twitter and Instagram to find out which photos looked "the best." It's a great video and you should definitely give it watch but spoiler alert, people liked the photos that were brighter and had more contrast. The phones you'd think would destroy the competition like Google Pixel 3, iPhone XS and Samsung Note 9 were defeated by the Huwai Mate 20 Pro

The Touch Bar

I've been trying to use my Macbook Pro as more of a laptop and not always hooked into a monitor. I figured this way I'd be able to really test out the Touch Bar and what it can do. I haven't found one place where the Touch Bar has come in handy. I even used Better Touch Tool with it to take advantage of some of widgets it has to offer. Nothing has really stuck for me. If anything it makes doing common tasks like adjusting volume and brightness take longer. Touch ID is nice but I wouldn’t consider that part of the Touch Bar now that Apple has released a Macbook Air with it. 

HomePod: A Great Apple Music Accessory

Apple and music have always had a strong connection. I remember when I was first getting into music production and moving from an analog set up to a digital one, every person I talked to said you need to get a Mac. I didn’t understand at first; I had a perfectly capable PC and a copy of Cakewalk Sonar that I was trying to figure out how to use. It wasn’t until I went to college and was able to use a Mac Pro in a recording studio that I realized it was more than just the Apple hardware and software. Music was part of Apple’s culture as a business. It didn’t matter what new hardware or software was being released. There was always music angle and throughout the years we’ve seen it change with Apple Music more recently and now HomePod

Moving to Things 3 As My Task Manager

A couple weeks ago I realized I needed a change. Due dates, contexts, and projects all became overwhelming. OmniFocus has been my task manager of choice for the past 3 years and it’s done quite a good job of keeping me on track in my professional and personal life. In all honesty, it has been much more than I actually need and I only scratched the surface of its full capability. I decided it was time to reset and evaluate if OmniFocus was still the best choice for me.

Ulysses Thoughts

The writing app Ulysses has been making headlines lately with their move to a subscription business model. Just a quick thought on subscriptions. I've never had an issue when companies do this. For the most part, if you use a certain app enough, subscriptions benefit both users and companies. Yes, you're probably spending more money at the end of the day but for sustainability it's the right move in 2017.

When Does It Make Sense To Cut The Cord?

Cutting the cord seems to be a popular trend these days. After years of being taken advantage of by cable companies, many people are deciding enough is enough and choosing to cancel their cable TV subscriptions. Pay TV just had its worst quarter ever, losing 762,000 subscribers in the first 3 months of 2017. While streaming is no doubt the future, for some it still doesn't make sense to cut the cord. Here's some things to keep in mind before deciding to give your cable television provider the boot.

Apple AirPods Review

While Apple's major products have been receiving incremental updates in recent years, it's major innovation seems to happening in its accessories. The Apple Pencil brought drawing and writing to iPad Pro . The Smart Keyboard brought a compact and effortless way to enable typing on the go. Apple Watch brought “smart watches" to the main stream, redefining the category and highlighting the benefits a smart device on your wrist. Yes there were some bumps in the beginning but with the release of watchOS 3, many issues were addressed and fitness was brought to the forefront. 

Now Is The Best Time to Dump Your Cable Box

So you've been on the edge about getting rid of your traditional cable service. You're sick of terrible interfaces, rental fees and tons of channels you don't watch. Well there's never been a better time to get rid of your cable box then now. You might be able to save some money along the way as well.

The Best Cloud Storage Service for iOS and macOS

Cloud storage is a necessary evil these days if you're using multiple devices. For iOS, it's crucial as there is no standard file system for the OS. If you're saving, sharing or even editing files on iOS, your choice becomes even more important. In the past year or so I've used all of these. I'll breakdown which ones are best when using multiple iOS and macOS devices.

Save Money Doing Nothing #ClickBait

Ok so I'm not going to turn you into a millionaire but here's a few ways you can save a couple bucks by doing extremely minimal work. Many of these take time to actually add up to anything but so don't quit your day job quite yet.

iOS Essentials

There's always a certain temptation I have to switch to an Android device as my main phone. There's so many options that are less expensive than iPhones and there's the whole customization thing. Every time I think about switching, there are always certain apps that keep me on iOS. Here's the apps you can only find on iOS and I can't live without.