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Ulysses Thoughts

The writing app Ulysses has been making headlines lately with their move to a subscription business model. Just a quick thought on subscriptions. I've never had an issue when companies do this. For the most part, if you use a certain app enough, subscriptions benefit both users and companies. Yes, you're probably spending more money at the end of the day but for sustainability it's the right move in 2017.

iOS Essentials

There's always a certain temptation I have to switch to an Android device as my main phone. There's so many options that are less expensive than iPhones and there's the whole customization thing. Every time I think about switching, there are always certain apps that keep me on iOS. Here's the apps you can only find on iOS and I can't live without.

iPad Pro Review

For my last review on the Apple TV (4th Generation I did something out of the ordinary for me. I wrote the entire review using my iPad Air and a Kanex Bluetooth Keyboard. My iPad was primarily a consumption device. I would mainly use it to catch up on news, watch videos and play the occasional game. With the release of iOS 9, I began taking advantage of some of the new multitasking features. Slide-over made it extremely easy to look up information while writing the article and the new keyboard shortcuts, especially "command+tabbing" between apps, was a fantastic new addition. By the time I was finished I realized I actually enjoyed writing the article on my iPad. This sparked my interest in upgrading. I'm now the proud owner of an iPad Pro.