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Marques Brownlee AKA MKBHD recently posted a video entitled "The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2018" in which he polled his followers on Twitter and Instagram to find out which photos looked "the best." It's a great video and you should definitely give it watch but spoiler alert, people liked the photos that were brighter and had more contrast. The phones you'd think would destroy the competition like Google Pixel 3, iPhone XS and Samsung Note 9 were defeated by the Huwai Mate 20 Pro

iOS Essentials

There's always a certain temptation I have to switch to an Android device as my main phone. There's so many options that are less expensive than iPhones and there's the whole customization thing. Every time I think about switching, there are always certain apps that keep me on iOS. Here's the apps you can only find on iOS and I can't live without.

How to free up space on your iPhone

I get asked this question quite a bit so I put together a list of the best things you can do to free up space on your iPhone. There are many other ways but I feel these are the easiest ways to get back some of your storage. This will come in handy the next time you have to do a big update or if you keep getting the "Not Enough Storage" prompt.